1.11.2014. Brooklyn The Ink Model

Urban Ink Model

Photo shoot with one of the hottest Inked models, Featured on Urban Ink Magazine. Tall slender, sexy and exotic, and tatted up! She is fashionable, stylish and has a look that is unforgettable, all of you Ink junkies keep your eyes open for this one, she's going places and to a news stand near you. It was a pleasure to work with her, and look for forward to working with her again.

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11.01.2014. Marguerite Mj Foster - Glamour Shoot

Shot with the Fabulous Mj today, she is so funny and has a great personality, she will keep you entertained throughout a photo-shoot, I mean who wants boring quiet people to work with? She’s all that and a sum, she gets the job done! will be working with her again, so look forward to more great images of her.

31.03.2012. Commercial photo shoot with Owner/Designer Jerome Boatwright of O2GOD.Inc

O2GOD COLLECTION is the brainchild of CEO Jerome Boatright, who has much more than fashion in mind for his company. O2GOD was created in 1999, Jerome a longtime volunteer, he has spent a great deal of time mentoring youth in churches and juvenile detention centers. O2GOD had been his personal testimony for years, and wanted to display it to the world. Bombarded with questions about the meaning, he would gladly explain that it meant everything that he had owed to God. He was struck with the revelation that this was a belief he shared with many.

At its beginnings, the line had an urban inspired feel geared more towards the youth that Boatright spent so much time mentoring. As time wore on, he was impressed to cast a wider net to minister to not only urban youth, but transcend the boundaries of age, race and economic standing on a global scale. With O2GOD COLLECTION, he has created attention-getting, fashionably desirable pieces that will provide everyone the opportunity to experience the same pride and joy that he receives through revealing the meaning.

01.11.2010. Ad Published in International known "FIGHT Magazine" for, Boom Super Foods and Get Food Fight in Nov 2010 issue.

I did a photo shoot with a promising upcoming Female MMA figher name Caroline Portugal who is sponsored by Boom Super Food. She is a tough fighter and it was great to work with her on this project. The ad has run in FIGHT Magazine as well as their website and other internet media. Get It! [FIGHT MAGAZINE]

02.10.2010. Featured in 5pointmagazine

5point Magazine featured me as the spotlight photographer of the month, It was great to be contacted by them. They are a known internet based magazine on the rise out of New York, NY. [5Point Magazine]

29.05.2010. Promo for FJWestcottCo

I was selected by FJWestcottCo, for their speed lights, stands and softboxes and other products being used by myself and a few other great photographers. This was a honor to work with Westcott, their products have proven to be reliable, which is what you need working location shoots. [See the Video Clip]

28.05.2010. The official launch of Brink Magazine in Orlando, Florida

Brink Magazine has since been very successful pulling in Advertisers from all over central Florida. I am grateful to have taken part in shooting this special occasion. Each month BRINK focuses on a community photographer or designer and gives them the platform to show their work. We surround the spread with pop culture editorials on TV, film, new media, music, literature, beauty, style and spirituality. BRINK also includes contributor opinions on national and global events featuring articles from London, Scotland, New York and LA. Every issue of BRINK is put together with you in mind, and ways to make your world exciting and new. BRINK strives to introduce an audience to original, moving, and ground breaking material from a fresh perspective. [Get the Mag!]