About Me

Born in Dallas, Texas but raised the majority of my life in Louisiana with many struggles, I began late in life on trying to fulfill my dreams and moving to Florida definitely was a great place to start. Although I have accomplished a lot, I still have a long way to go. Keeping the faith and my dreams in focus I will continue to produce eye catching imagery to the world.

My Philosophy

‘Imagination’ is the specific ability to abstract surfaces out of space and time and to project them back into space and time. This space and time peculiar to the image is none other than the world of magic, a world in which everything is repeated and in which everything participates in a significant context. Such a world is structurally different from that of the linear world of history in which nothing is repeated and in which everything has causes and will have consequences.

For example: In the historical world, sunrise is the cause of the cock’s crowing; in the magical one, sunrise signifies crowing and crowing signifies sunrise. The significance of images is magical.